First Round of Abstract/Paper Submission Ends: June 20, 2024
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Registration Fee

Registration Fee and Information

  • One regular publication includes 6 pages. Over 6 pages, additional page will be charged.
  • All persons attending the Conference must register online individually.
  • Please complete all fields of the form as requested.
  • Online Payment in USD and RMB ONLY. If you need bank transfer or paypal account, please mail

After the registration, you will receive an email containing a confirmation letter and receipt of your payment. If you did not receive such an email, please contact the secretary.

Registrations & Explore Pricing Policies

Full Paper/Publication
  • Student: $480
  • Non-Student: $520
  • Additional Page/Per One: $70
  • Additional Paper/Per One: $350
Abstract/Presentation Only
  • Student: $320
  • Non-Student: $350
  • Additional Abstract: $250
  • Welcome
  • Student: $280
  • Non-Student: $320
  • Group: mail
  • Welcome
* The organizing committee and staff team will not request delegates to provide credit card or personal information for booking rooms or air tickets. Please remain vigilant to safeguard your financial and private information..
* Accommodation is not included in the registration fee. Delegates need to reserve rooms themselves, and we advise you to do so as early as possible.
* * Please pay by Cash (USD) on-site if you (Delegate) choose to do onsite registration.