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The Export Council for Energy Efficiency (ECEE), formed in 1994 to systematically promote the export of energy efficient products, services, and technologies worldwide, is a non-profit consortium of five of the nation's leading advocates of energy efficiency:

Through its five member organizations, ECEE represents thousands of energy efficiency companies and state energy officials, encompassing the broad range of interests and market orientations of the diverse energy efficiency industry.

ECEE works closely with the Committee on Energy Efficiency Commerce and Trade (COEECT), a federal interagency working group that coordinates the federal government's activities related to energy efficiency exports. ECEE provides COEECT with an industry focus for the many government programs that benefit energy efficiency exporters; thereby leveraging activities and funds to ensure that U.S. companies increase their share of the ever-expanding global market and promoting objectives including: job creation, global competitiveness, pollution abatement, sustainable development, and international security.

ECEE will continue to replicate successes and deliver on its mission to expand market penetration for U.S. energy efficiency products and services abroad by continuing and expanding the following activities: leading focused trade missions and conducting overseas market assessments, connecting U.S. companies directly with pre-screened foreign buyers and in-country professionals, identifying financing for energy efficiency deals, and strengthening the energy efficiency industry internationally.

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